Project Ark is a complex and challenging space strategy, where a player takes the role of an immortal and gifted leader of once mighty civilisation and tries to regain its glory in a new unknown universe.

Anytime, anywhere!

Project Ark is a web-based, free to play game, meant to be low time-consuming. You can control your empire with any device that has a web browser, like your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The choice is yours!

Explore, research, colonize

Discover and inhabit unknown universes! Thousands of stars, planets, nebulas and a variety of other space objects are waiting to be found, researched and utilized by your civilization.

Choose your own path!

Decide whether you prefer relentless conquest or diplomatic cooperation. You are now responsible for your civilization’s advantages and flaws, so choose wisely. Fortified infrastructure, deadly fleet or perhaps flexible population? Adapt your race to survive in formidable space and find your own way to thrive.

Survive, surprise, win.

Every strategy has a weakness that you can use against your enemy or die trying. Even the mightiest civilization won’t have access to all technologies, information and resources in the universe. It’s your job to reduce your vulnerabilities and hit the enemy’s soft spot!