1. What kind of computer game is „Project Ark”?

    Project Ark is a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) multiplayer game set in space. Gameplay mechanics are closest to the genre of "slow pace RTS" (Real-Time Strategy with the emphasis on strategy rather than the rate associated with decision-making in real time). „Project Ark” is a web game, which means it is playable with web browser.

  2. At what stage of development is "Project Ark"?

    "Project Ark" is in pre-alpha stage (playable prototype).

  3. When are you planning to officially launch the game? When are you planning to launch open BETA tests?

    Currently neither the date of the official launch of the game nor the date of open beta testing is fixed.

  4. How to join the ongoing game tests? How to get a registration key?

    To join the game testing you need a "registration key". All present testers have keys. Every quarter, the present testers receive an extra pair of keys, which they can then distribute among their friends. If you think you could be a tester, write to us and if we have a place in a quarterly release of the game, we will send you the registration key. In an e-mail, write a few words about yourself, about your experience in testing games (if you have one) and write if you have used the so-called bug trackers before as a reporter. As a tester you may have to know how to report a problem / fault through our application for tracking bugs (Mantis).

  5. Will you have to pay to play the game? What business model will you use?

    The game is being developed towards the F2P model (free to play) with paid extras. The player will not be able to buy him or herself additional resources or accelerate the time required to achieve something in the running mission. Extras will be focused in the area of recognition of individual players and the expansion of available player option (access to more races, missions, models of ships). We do not exclude addons, which will speed up gaining experience by players and other bonuses that do not affect directly an ongoing mission.

  6. How is your game different from typical cosmic web strategies such as "OGame"?

    Project Ark" focuses on the rich strategic and exploratory aspect. We want our title to be closer to such classics as "Civilization" or "Master of Orion" than the popular mainstream games such as "OGame" or "Travian".

  7. How to join the team? (I believe I can make a contribution to the development of this project)

    If you think you can help us develop this project or even become a permanent member of the team - write to us and describe your experience in game development or 2D / 3D graphics (best associated with space and science fiction).

  8. I have other questions...

    Write to us! Our official e-mail is on the bottom of this page :)