Project Ark over the years has received a lot of help from many people: former team members, fans or people that added certain value to our game. All of them deserve mentioning because of their voluntary work.

Michał Trzaskowski

Project originator and leader. As a game developer he deals only with things that require extra attention… so everything from a single database record to the last pixel on your screen. His daytime job is project manager at TouK software house. As a workshop and conference speaker he preaches all lost developer souls about user experience (UX).

Ula Trzaskowska

From the very beginning the lead developer and project’s guardian angel. Thanks to her titanic effort and her watchful eyes, game engine became playable and new features are not drowning in “legacy code”. Also works as developer and project manager at TouK software house. In her free time she can prove that for every meal or dessert, an algorithm exists that guarantees perfect taste.

Filip Majewski

Graphic and web designer. Author of many 2D and 3D projects used by game engine. Lead designer of project’s official web site. Also works as graphic designer and front-end developer for TouK software house. He is a living proof that a humanist can find his place in the brutal IT world. Apart from work he climbs Norwegian fjords with Dominika.

Dominika Majewska

Graphic designer and consultant of everything that requires an artistic glance. Somebody who, besides moving pixels on the screen, can actually use a pen and paper. Dominika is one of a few people in the world that you can make happy and miserable with the same gift: chocolate bar. Taking this opportunity, we would like to assure of our deepest sympathy with all people who are allergic to sweets.

Martyna Kiszkiel

Graphic designer and assets (buttons, icons, tooltips etc) consultant. Bright angel that brings hope and warmth to everyones heart. One of few people that know true meaning of being on time. No matter what happen this is the person you can count on!

Łukasz Szafarewicz

Close friend, project co-founder and the first graphic designer. Author of many graphic models and concepts (ships, buildings). He died suddenly at the age of 29. We regret that he will never see the game in the shape it is now. Nevertheless his gaming passion still helps us to carry on this project.

Piotr Paulski

Steadfast tester, hunter of bugs and imperfections. Actively and continuously supports us on the field of game mechanics and gameplay. Experienced player and the most formidable general in the Project Ark universum.

Przemysław Śpiewak

3D graphic and animation designer. Author of all those brand new, shining space ships and space structures models. True "space craft" hobbist!

Jan Matusiewicz

Former team member, author of game engine prototype. Co-author of many functionalities and concepts in the early stages of this project.

Andrzej Szumilas

3D graphic designer, author of orbital station model. Planet and race visualization consultant.

Rafał Syty

3D graphic designer, author of many spaceships and space structures models.

Jakub Nabrdalik

Experienced developer who cares about Software Craftsmanship. Author of first OpenID and Facebook login modules. His main contribution to Project Ark was database layer reorganisation (MongoDB rulez!)

Adrian Soja

One of the first Project Ark testers who certainly played “unplayable” version of the game. Busy man, who isn't afraid of any work. We sure hope that he will return one day to our project as a gamer. Hopefully as soon as he stops being work addicted.

Below is the list of people and companies that we would like to thank. Project Ark wouldn't be exactly the same without their presence.


Łukasz Maciuga

Michał Bobowski

Radosław Michalski

Przemek Motacki

Grzegorz Skrobisz

Krzysztof Nozderko

Rafał Pietrasik

Agata Soja